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Time: 19:30 | Full Broadband Video: 176mb | Full 56k Video: 71mb | 56k Video Clips: 35 | Pictures: 200
This sweet talker negotiates his way into his little honey's heart... and then her mouth, and her coochie, and her pooper. Now that's what all girlfriends should be like! This Brazilian cutie really knows how to shake what her mama gave her. She shows her man a romping good fucking time that won't soon be forgotten (but hopefully it will be repeated).
Time: 19:51 | Full Broadband Video: 179mb | Full 56k Video: 73mb | 56k Video Clips: 35 | Pictures: 200
This Brazilian cutie is just taking a nap (a hot bitch like her needs her beauty sleep after all) when her man jumps on the bed and wakes her up for a nice long hard fucking. He fucks her four ways from Sunday in lots of kinky positions. She seems to like it doggy so she can play with her clit.
Time: 19:18 | Full Broadband Video: 174mb | Full 56k Video: 71mb | 56k Video Clips: 35 | Pictures: 200
This dude takes his bitch out on a yacht for a little winin' and dinin', but when he shows up in a bright yellow banana hammock things start to get crazy. She strips off his weiner holster and starts eating his cock... and after that well, they go at it ocean-side like a couple of wild manatees.
Time: 18:11 | Full Broadband Video: 164mb | Full 56k Video: 67mb | 56k Video Clips: 30 | Pictures: 200
These two Brazilian hot fucker-lovers get a jump start on spring break by having a fling. A sexy fling involving some pussy eating, cock sucking, and then some jackhammer cunt ramming (he saved the jizz pool for her sweet titties). This girl was left sore until her summer break.
Time: 18:38 | Full Broadband Video: 168mb | Full 56k Video: 69mb | 56k Video Clips: 30 | Pictures: 200
She came to the "man with the parts" in search of a new dildo? Vibrator? Car battery? Who the fuck knows. But she left with a real life cock in her face! He might have had a room full of tools, but this bitch got the tool that counts. A little bit of lube and he was plugging her all over the place. This ho knows how to get her freak on!
Time: 18:30 | Full Broadband Video: 167mb | Full 56k Video: 68mb | 56k Video Clips: 30 | Pictures: 200
These two horny Brazilian fuckers are making the most of their summer by engaging in a pool side fuckfest fuckathon. This chick has beautiful abs and she keeps them in shape by bumping and grinding against her man. Her man gives it to her in the pooter while fucking her vag with his thumb. It all ends beautifully spermtastic!
Time: 19:24 | Full Broadband Video: 175mb | Full 56k Video: 71mb | 56k Video Clips: 35 | Pictures: 200
What's more romantic than a nice candlelit dinner, some red wine, and a glass table to FUCK on afterwards? Ah, romance. These two are really into each other. All kissy wissy and fucky wucky. Don't worry, he gives it to her like the Brazilian whore I know she is deep down. I wonder whose job it was to windex the table afterwards?
Time: 20:47 | Full Broadband Video: 188mb | Full 56k Video: 76mb | 56k Video Clips: 35 | Pictures: 200
These little lesbian bitches use their golden vibrators to escape to a magical mystical place. A land of orgasm and lubrication. A land of sexy dykes whose only goal in life is to suck pussy. Why they don't need cock! They have twin golden vibrators to satisfy all their cunt's needs. Mmmm. carpet munching.
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